Born and raised in San Diego, California but just moved back from spending the last 3 years on Long Island in New York. I love to ride bicycles, snowboard, camp, travel, and take photos of everything along the way.

Recently, my wife Courtney and I started a travel / photography passion project – Le Travel Canvas. While we were in New York, we took advantage of our close proximity to Europe and traveled all over the East Coast, Boston, Austin, Italy, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. Traveling re-kindled a passion for photography in me and I’m excited to explore some new avenues with my camera.

I am always open to talk out any free-lance photography opportunities YOU may need assistance with. Sample rates below but any budget, any offer, any job, any comments or concerns, let’s talk out : charliesears.co@gmail.com

Engagements / Save the Dates / Graduations / Brands / Bands etc – let’s chit chat

The last few years I lived in San Diego, I started a bicycle advocacy group called The Awarewolfs. Under The Awarewolfs name, I conceptualized, promoted, organized, hosted, and documented hunnndreds of bicycle rides, races, and events. I maintained The Awarewolfs blog, multiple social media accounts, and hand finished apparel which I sold off the webstore. I’m proud to say I got The Awarewolfs products on Amazon, had AWLF “pop-ups” (like THIS and THAT), and State Bicycle Co even designed a “Charlie Sears Signature Jersey” (as seen below).

I was a brand / design consultant for Ride4Water – a non-profit fighting the clean water fight in El Salvador. I also did the website for San Franciscan Barber, Ken Thunderhawk.

While I was living on Long Island, I sold vehicles at Sayville Ford and the nickname I earned there was ‘Charlie Hustle’. As a Californian, I’m proud to have received that nickname from a bunch of New Yorkers because the Urban Dictionary defines ‘Charlie Hustle’ as “a person with initiative – a selfstarter – a person that has juice for opportunities out in the world trying to make something happen for themselves.”

Now that I’m back in San Diego, I got moves to make. I’m setting photography appointments. I’m studying day-trading. I’m seeking opportunities regarding copy editing, design consulting, photography, and graphic design.

If I handed you a card – nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to keeping our conversation going.

If you found this online, thanks for stopping by.

Love always,

– Charlie


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