Born and raised in San Diego, California – just moved back from living the last few years on Long Island in New York. I’m married to my best friend Courtney Delfino and we enjoy maintaining @thesunshinebug, riding bicycles, traveling, and taking photos of everything along the way.

I’m proud to tell you I’m a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway – the most respected Real Estate Agency in Southern California.

I’m also in Sales at Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego. Actually, I’m the “Electric Vehicle Sales Specialist”.

My first job, which I was at for almost 10 years, was Nordstrom. That’s where I learned the book on sales, customer service, and ‘the anticipation of needs’.

In my professional endeavors, my goal with all my clients is to make the process honest, transparent, efficient, and personable. I pride myself in being a professional communicator and will ensure all your questions are answered and your best interests are always put first.

Riding bikes in Paris on our honeymoon – probably the exact moment we were bit by the travel bug.

Recently, my wife Courtney and I have started Le Travel Style which is gives us a reason to travel the world and constantly challenges me as a photographer.

Back in 2010, I created the bicycle advocacy group The Awarewolfs (AWLF). I organized, promoted, hosted, and documented hunnndreds of bicycle rides, races, and events. I maintained The AWLF blog, social medias, and DIY hand finished apparel which I sold out of The AWLF online store. I’m proud to say I got AWLF products on Amazon, had AWLF “pop-ups” (like THIS and THAT), and State Bicycle Co even designed a “Charlie Sears Signature Jersey+Bottle” (see below).

I was a design consultant for OCNWTR – a non-profit fighting the clean water fight in El Salvador. In March of 2015, I went to El Salvador with a team of 30 and saw their clean water crisis first hand. We distributed clean water filtration systems that they still use to this day.

I also did the website for Ken Thunderhawk – the best barber in San Fransisco.


Charlie Sears X State Bicycle Co. Signature Jersey+Bottle

If I handed you a card – nice to meet you – I’m looking forward to keeping our conversation going. If you found this online, thanks for stopping by.

Let me know how I can help you best.

Love always,
– Charlie