Le Travel Style

I am so unbelievably proud of my little wifey Courtney Delfino.

In 2018, she started documenting our travels on www.letravelstyle.com

Then she started planning outfits “just for the shot”.

Then she learned all the ins and outs of WordPress.

Then she discovered the power of LightRoom.

Then she mastered SEO.

Then she. Then she. Then she…

And NOW she can proudly say she has created a full blown website / community full of 100% original travel, style, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.

As far as what exactly I contribute to Le Travel Style – I just take the photos and make sure I get the time off work. She plans the trips, the outfits, the content, then she edits and posts all the photos and literally does everything for the site.

Her resilience is inspiring. We both can see the fruits of her labor and are so grateful for the things we know are coming her way.

Love my wifey and love this little passion project we’re working on.

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