The Awarewolfs and Beyond…

Back in 2010, I started blogging about the San Diego bicycle community as “The Awarewolfs“.

I’d blog about the Fullmoon Bikerides I’d host and other bicycle related things I found interesting. It was a ton of fun but also a ton of work. One of my favorite things to write about were products. I reviewed a couple bicycles for State Bicycle Co. and I reviewed some lights for Knog. I checked out Protec’s City Lite Helmet and even linked up with Leica to check out a camera that is now outdated lol. Specifically conveying all my thoughts and opinions about a product was / is a blast for me.

A lot has changed in my life since 2010 and I feel this urge to blog again but don’t necessarily feel the urge to blog again for The Awarewolfs… Feel me??? Don’t get my wrong, I love The Awarewolfs so much and I love what The Awarewolfs will always be – Fullmoon Bikerides in San Diego CA. But I want to start writing about things I enjoy now as a 30+ dude who has a LOT more to talk about that bike stuff.

So, I’ll be blogging HERE more 🙂

Stay tuned for post revolving around –

If you enjoyed the casual, easy reading articles of my The Awarewolfs posts past, then sign the heck up for post alerts cause they’re acomin’…

(SDVoyager wanted to know more about The Awarewolfs so I told them all about it HERE.)


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