The Sunshine Bug

So here’s the full story on how we recently acquired a very restored 1974 VW Bug –

It all starts back around 2002-2006… I was in high school and drove a 1969 VW Fastback that I bought out of a backyard for $600. Of course the car had a ton of issues so naturally pops and I became regulars at a local VW repair shop.

In 2006, all hell broke loose on the Fastback’s engine. Probably cause I forgot to change the oil. Long story short, it was going to cost way too much to fix my $600 Fastback. So we negotiated a deal on selling / “trading in” my 1969 VW Fastback for what you see here – this yellow 1974 VW Beetle – the shop owner’s personal car.

From 2006 to now, the car was out in a garage at my parent’s house. At first, pops would tinker with it and take it to a show here and there but as time went on, it just sat around.

Recently, pops and I mutually agreed that this bug is just too cool to sit in a garage. So, I’m taking it under my wing, naming it The Sunshine Bug, and making sure this sun shines.

Courtney and I love cruising to the beach in The Sunshine Bug and when we can, we really enjoy taking it to car shows / meetups. The long term goal is converting it to 100% ELECTRIC…

Be sure to follow The Sunshine Bug on Instagram! 🙂


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