Feng Shui Inspired Tips for at Home

Feng shui, is utilizing your environment to harmonize your energy. There are many many levels to feng shui – advanced levels like positioning your bed, desk, refrigerator and stove in specific areas of your home – but let’s be real – not everyone has the ability to do that – some of us live in apartments.

I wanted to share a few ‘feng shui inspired’ tips that I’ve implemented –

Same Hangers

Invest in all the same clothes hangers!



Getting rid of all your mismatched hangers and using all the same hangers will amp up the aesthetics of your closet and make your closet appear complete. I get these wood hangers from Amazon.


Trunks + Suitcases for Storage

We keep books in this trunk I inherited from my grandparents.


I keep all my RC car stuff in this suitcase.

Vintage trunks, luggage, and briefcases are GREAT for creating space and keeping the aesthetic on point. These items can typically be found at thrift stores and garage sales for super cheap – ranging from $1-$30. Keep books, memories, kitchen appliances, and whatever you want in these decorative storage solutions. I would NOT recommend storing clothing in trunks, luggage, or briefcases. Since they are not easily accessible and they might make your clothes smell musty.


Handles In

You can actually see what you’re grabbing!

Flip pots and pans around so the pot itself is visible. It reduces confusion when reaching for one. One of my favorite aspects of feng shui is creating space and the minimalism that follows. I’ve lived in places where giving each pot and pan this sort of space is absolutely impossible – but hey – if you can – try flipping the handles around like this – it helps!

One of the benefits I value most about feng shui is the minimalism.  Stay tuned for a deep dive in to minimalism but in the meantime, do you have any feng shui inspired tips you’ve implemented? Share it below!

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